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We strive for a holistic connection of process technology with the automated laboratory both on a physical and data-based level. Our aim is to combine the advantages of both environments – production sites & laboratory – in collaboration with representatives of the entire value chain.


The Network Proposition

The network "PLaNet" intends to close a technological gap that exists between processes on production sites and in laboratories. Our partners aim to establish uniform communication processes and automation systems by developing or using latest developments in sensor technology, data evaluation and robotics. Moreover, the generation of digital twins shall support the modelling and simulation of physical objects and processes. All of these aspects aim towards one goal: The interlinking of process analytics and accordingly adjusted process control commands, which can be named by the term IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

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We are looking for you!

If you believe that revolutionary solutions in communication, digitalisation and robotics are needed for the interconnection of lab and process technology environments, you are the partner we’re looking for.

You offer innovative solutions for the automation and digitalisation of laboratories and process technology environments? Or do you want to automise and digitalise your process environment and/or connect it with a lab space?

We welcome developers and users alike to generate and implement new ideas and exchange thoughts on the topic!

A competence network of EurA

The network is managed by EurA AG. EurA is the market leader in the management of high-tech networks. The company operates across Europe and supports start-ups and medium-sized companies in successfully implementing and establishing their innovations in order to make them the market leaders of tomorrow. More information at


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